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Welcome to Gold Box Bakery! We’re a small business located in Calgary, Alberta. We strive to provide you with delicious, show-stopping desserts to compliment your celebrations.


Here at Gold Box, we value quality ingredients and attention to detail. We specialize in custom cakes and macarons. We are happy to make your desserts vegan and nut and/or gluten free!


Gold Box Bakery is a home-based business and strives to provide you with products that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort. We do so by communicating with you to thoroughly understand your vision. We conduct either in-person cake tastings, or, for your convenience, tastings-to-go, where you simply pick up your tastings and enjoy them from the comfort of your own home!  

Let Gold Box Bakery be your one stop shop for your dessert needs! We are happy to plan and provide a topper for your cakes at an added cost.


*If you or your guests have a severe nut or gluten allergy it is recommended that you purchase products from a 100% guaranteed nut or gluten free bake shop. While we can create nut and gluten free products for most sensitivities, nuts and gluten are still present in the bakery. 


Jehan Hajar is a Red Seal certified Pastry Chef with several years of experience working in the field at some of Calgary’s best-known bakeries.


As a child, Jehan was enamoured by the style and sense of French pastry baking. She knew she wanted to become a pastry chef when she travelled to Disneyland at the age of seven and saw bakers working in a shop window decorating cupcakes and candy apples. She was amazed by the artistry displayed by the chefs and the mastery of their skills. What’s more, she saw the joy on other people’s faces as they watched the chefs work and knew that was something she wanted to bring to others. 

Jehan went on to study Baking and Pastry Arts at the Southern Alberta Institution of Technology and began realizing her dream. After graduating in 2014 she began working for local bakeries and knew that owning a small business was a long-term goal of hers. After several years of working in the industry, Jehan made the bold decision to start her business full-time in the summer of 2020. Since then, she has developed a unique style of cake decorating, favouring the classic styles of French baking; a nod to her childhood passions. 

Opening a local business in 2020 and operating throughout a pandemic has not been easy. Jehan is grateful for all the community support she has received from family, friends and clients. She’s excited to continue serving her community as Gold Box Bakery grows. 


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